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Here's your chance to get in the game

Up for sale is an LLC with a freshly renewed Montana Tier 1 cannabis cultivation license. Licensed to cultivate up to 1000 square feet of canopy, the $100k offering comes in with a price tag of $100/ square foot of licensed canopy.  With owner-financing available with a 50% down payment, as little as $50k gets you licensed and in the game of one of the fastest growing industries in America in one of the most beautiful places in the world. 

The offering does not include any equipment, inventory or real estate, which makes this an ideal opportunity to start your business with an entire year of runway before worrying about renewing the license, and the ability to build out your grow exactly to your specifications from the start. The license is fully relocatable to anywhere in the state that can pass zoning and inspection, which gives you a great opportunity to set up shop where you’d like to be in business. With the license, you’ll be clear to wholesale to any dispensary or manufacturer in the state, so you’ll have no shortage of potential doors to knock on for moving your product.

Montana’s cannabis industry sold over $300 million worth of cannabis in the state in its first year and showed healthy, sustainable growth of approximately 5% in year two. Montana is currently under a moratorium for new licenses until July of ’25 at the earliest, which gives you a great opportunity to establish your business and carve out market share without having to compete in an overly-saturated market as is the case in many states around the country. This is the perfect opportunity for an established grower currently working as a contract grower or for someone looking to get into the market. 

Montana allows the license to be tiered up once per year at the time of renewal. The next tier up would be to 2500 square feet at renewal, so it’s an opportunity that is capable of growing with your business. 

There aren’t many opportunities that hit the market at this price point, and they don’t sit for long. If 2024 is the year to become your own boss and start calling the shots, call or text Myles at 406-404-DUDE to get the conversation started. 

Non-disclosure agreement and proof of funds required. 

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